Award-Winning Writer, Executive Leader, and Speaker

Award-winning writer Daniel R. Levitt is the author of six books and numerous well-respected and well-received articles and short biographies. As Vice President for Ryan Companies US, Inc, he oversees capital markets for company-owned properties and works closely with service leaders to develop creative solutions for their customers and investors. Dan has over 20 years of direct finance experience and has developed a reputation for his thoroughness, clarity, creative problem solving and presentation skills. Dan is one of baseball's most astute front office analysts of owners, general managers and baseball business strategies who combines a historical, scholarly and fan understanding of teams, coaches, players and pennants. A frequent on MLB Today and longtime member of The Society for American Baseball Research, he was president of the Minnesota chapter, and left fielder on the chapter’s vintage baseball team. He holds both a BS in Industrial Engineering and a Master of Science in Business from University of Wisconsin, Madison.

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