Excepts from MLB Now on the MLB Network website that include appearances by Dan Levitt.

MLB Now: Sign stealing
09/07/17 | 07:33
The MLB Now crew discusses the recent sign stealing controversy and analyze how the practice has evolved over the years

MLB Now: Yankees vs. Orioles
09/07/17 | 03:25
The MLB Now panel breaks down both the Yankees and Orioles after their series finale and look at both teams’ chances of a postseason run

MLB Now on Gene Michael
09/07/17 | 09:55
The MLB Now panel discusses the storied career of Yankees executive Gene “Stick” Michael following his passing at the age of 79

MLB Now: Gut Reaction
09/07/17 | 01:16
The MLB Now panel offers their gut reactions on stories across baseball, including the Mets’ plan to start Matt Harvey on regular rest

MLB Now: Pirates’ extensions
09/07/17 | 05:59
The MLB Now crew discusses the Pirates extending the contracts for GM Neal Huntington and manager Clint Hurdle through 2021

MLB Now: Familia’s injury 05/11/17 | 00:06:17
The MLB Now crew talks about Jeurys Familia’s right shoulder injury and the impact it will have on the Mets’ bullpen

MLB Now: Pete Mackanin 05/11/17 | 00:02:30
The MLB Now crew talks about the Phillies’ decision to give manager Pete Mackanin a contract extension

MLB Now: Gut Reaction 05/11/17 | 00:02:25
MLB Now gives their gut reaction to Jeurys Familia’s injury and discuss how they will remember Ryan Howard

MLB Now: Dan Levitt 12/13/16 | 00:06:00
On MLB Now, Dan Levitt sits with Brian Kenny to rank and discuss the top general managers in MLB history before 2015

MLB Now: Power Market Value 12/13/16 | 00:06:01
On MLB Now, the guys examine the market value for current free agent power hitters